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Photo of  wind turbines at the Ponnequin Wind Facility in northern Colorado

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A photo slideshow - the first photo shows bales of corn stover in northern Colorado.

The second photo shows a field of solar concentrators at SunEdison's new photovoltaic plant near Alamosa, Colorado.

The third photo shows wind turbines at the Ponnequin Wind Facility in northern Colorado.

Collaborative Research

The Collaboratory's award winning reseachers integrate cutting-edge science with the industry know-how to accelerate the transfer of clean energy technologies into the marketplace. Learn more about these cutting edge collaborative research projects.*

* The Collaborative Research webpage is currently being updated. Please check back soon for 2016 updates.


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The Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory works with public agencies, industry partners, and other universities and colleges to:

  • Develop renewable energy products and technologies for rapid transfer to the marketplace

  • Support economic growth with renewable energy industries

  • Educate the finest energy researchers, technicians, and workforce.

The Collaboratory is a research partnership among the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Colorado's premier research universities—Colorado State University, the University of Colorado Boulder, and the Colorado School of Mines.

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Collaboratory Economic Impact Report 2008-2015

The state of Colorado invested $7.96 million in the Collaboratory from 2008-2015. The $7.96 million of state funding was leveraged into $96.6 million from industry, DOE, NSF, and other sources to support Collaboratory research projects.

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